The CIPA is requesting individuals that have an interest in presenting at the XXIst CIPA Congress. Simultaneous translation French-English and Spanish will be insured.

  • Since the communication presented during the congress will be published in ACTA Horticulturae after the congress, author are requested to follow the ISHS Acta Horticulturae author guidelines, http://www.ishs.org/authors.
  • To submit abstract please use the ISHS On-Line Submission Form: http://www.actahort.org/members/symposiar?nr=696.
  • Accepted abstracts with authors photo and references will be posted on the CIPA Congress website.


– start of abstract submission
– deadline for abstract submission
– deadline for abstract modification
– deadline for full paper submission
– deadline for full paper modification
– deadline for power-point support

July the 1st, 2017
February the 20th, 2018
February the 28th, 2018
March the 31st, 2018
April the 30th, 2018
April the 30th, 2018

Presentations will be made under the following themes:

  • Plasticulture and vegetable production
    Key words: greenhouses, small tunnels, mulching, irrigation pipes, protective nets, horticulture twines, biodegradable…
  • Plasticulture and animal production
    Key words: silage, stretch, twines, nets…
  • Plasticulture and environment
    Key words: collecting, recycling, white pollution, marine litter, environmental impact reduction
  • Situation of Plasticulture in the world (statistics)