The International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) is a global network comprising over 53,000 individuals, universities, governments, institutions, libraries and commercial companies and individual members, in addition to many Institutional Members and some 50 Member Countries/Regions.

ISHS’ aim is to promote and encourage research and education in horticultural science. ISHS also wants to facilitate cooperation and knowledge transfer through its symposia and congresses, publications and scientific structure.


Propulso® brings together producers from the fruit and vegetable sector and their organizations who share a strong interest in the development of collective action and want to keep their independence of decision and remain responsible for their commitment.

Propulso® represents and defends their needs and interests with the public authorities. It also implements and coordinates the means of action necessary to reinforce them in their objectives, supporting their activities and facilitating between them the exchange and diffusion of innovations.


ANAIP is the Spanish association that groups the companies involved in the transformation of plastics. Founded in 1957, ANAIP supports as a representative body the needs and the interests of more than 300 associated companies and more than 21,000 employees represented. ANAIP helps the progression of the values of the companies it represents, promote the quality of their products, their competitiveness and their environmental responsibility.


APE (Agriculture, Plastic and Environment) Europe is a non-profit European association for companies, organisms, research centres, universities and professional associations involved in plasticulture. Forum of technical exchanges and good practises promotion, APE Europe rules for higher crops, plastic used management, cleaner environment and jobs creation.

Therefore, APE’s first missions are:

  • Promotion of plastics used in European agriculture
  • Development of national collecting scheme (NCS) for recovering and recycling agricultural plastic used across Europe


The Spanish Committee for Plastics in Agriculture, CEPLA, although formally established in 1977, goes back to 1964, year in which the first International Congress of Plastics in Agriculture was celebrated in Avignon (France). Since then, CEPLA has been working for the development and promotion of plastics in the agricultural sector. From 2016, CEPLA becomes the Agriculture Division within ANAIP, maintaining its name, an internationally recognized brand, taking into account also that Spain is a reference in plasticulture worldwide.


CPA (Comité français des plastiques en agriculture) is a French association bringing together all professionals involved directly or indirectly in the plastic products for agriculture. The CPA is engaged beside the farmers in the promotion of agroecology and circular economy for a cleaner and better production.

The CPA’s principal missions are:

  • Promoting plastic utilization in agriculture
  • Managing the agricultural plastic used recovering
  • Encouraging R&D on technical solutions improvement