CIPA Congress 2018 France

50 years after its 1st congress

With the help of

With the support of


the CIPA is back in France

Every three years, the CIPA organize its congress in a different country. Experience sharing, increase knowledge and dissemination is the raison d’être of the congress for the plasticulture community: scientist, researchers, converters, distributors, growers and farmers.

Plasticulture will play a continuous increasing role in the growing demand of the population feeding.
Plasticulture improves production in quantity and quality, using less pesticides, fertilizers, water,etc. Since the beginning, the plasticulture community is involved in the environment protection, reducing the negative impact of the agricultural production: how to produce more with less! Once collected, plastics wastes are recycled.
Plasticulture has a tremendous contribution to the intensive ecological agriculture and the circular economy.

Agriculture, Plastics and Environment underline the importance of the plasticulture in the agricultural production and the protection of the environment.

> Plasticulture & Vegetable production
> Plasticulture & Animal production
> Plasticulture & Environnement
> Worlwide plasticulture situation
> Open field technical tour